To SEO or No

Search Engine Optimization evokes a series of thoughts for most people that begins with clouded confusion, spins into thoughts about spammy websites, and rests on “what exactly am I paying for?” At the same time it is one of the hottest topics in media circles.

In reality it is both simple and complex. At the end of the day, you and I (and Google) really want people to find exactly what they are looking for. As Brad Geddes put it, “the search process is driven by giving someone the correct information at the correct time.”

The reason that SEO is confusing, is that it is actually best delivered out of the center of your marketing campaign. But, most days it is the last thing we think about or plan for. SEO is site development. It is a focus on developing keyword-rich content, creating easily accessible channels into your site based on an evaluated understanding of who you want to reach vs. who you are currently reaching. SEO is about developing mutually beneficial linking relationships with top-visited, top-ranked websites.

If there is one new marketing initiative for businesses to tackle in 2011, it is integrating a search strategy as the foundation of their marketing efforts.

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