Designers Vs. Programmers – You need both

Seth Godin wrote in his 2001 book “The Big Red Fez”┬áthat there are two world views when it came to website design the “Engineer’s version” and the “Marketer’s version”. These days that can be boiled down to Designers vs. Programmers. Designers make pretty sites and Programmers make sites that work and can be found on Google. There are of course exceptions to every rule.

However, these days you have to have both. Long gone are the days that you could publish a beautiful site and not worry about the technical aspects of it.
These days you need a 1) beautiful site 2)with solid user-friendly navigation and 3)technically optimize it so that Google, Yahoo and Bing can find you.
If your site is ugly, you will lose credibility with your visitors.
If your site does not (to quote “The Big Red Fez”) “Give the Monkey the banana” your visitor will leave your site immediately and likely not return again. (Your bounce rate).
And if your site was not built with Search Engine Optimization in mind (SEO), you will not be found and your site traffic will suffer.
When working on your next web project, assuming that someone besides your cousin or nephew is building it for you, ask your developer these three basic questions:
1) What will it look like?
2) How will my visitors know what is important when they get there?
3) Will your efforts help me rank high in the search engines?
If the person you are looking to hire can’t definitively answer all three, keep looking. Or email me and I’ll help you

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