The Perfect Website

I have a client who asked me, “so how do you ever get to the perfect website, I mean you can’t, right?” And the interesting part is that he is doing nothing instead. Now I know he will eventually get around to improving his site and I hope I am the one to do that for him, but the question raised remains. Can you have a perfect website?

The pursuit of perfection has driven mankind through the ages, and many religious practices aspire to achieve perfection. However, the pursuit is always a journey. It takes many careful steps. You have to nurture it, and focus on it. You have to devote yourself to it.

This is impractical for business owners, but it is important to realize that to achieve perfection you must first begin somewhere, anywhere. Start with your own team around you who can foster your social media buzz. Start by keeping a web designer on retainer to make regular updates and modification to your site.

To truly achieve the perfect website, there are basic principles in design and function that need to be adhered to. You must know your audience and give them an appropriate user interface. You have to let them know what you want them to do. That sounds odd, but perfection can’t happen without giving your website over to your customer. Give them what they need. They came to your website to answer some basic question.
And when you give them what they want. It is perfect.
(But, you must start from where you are.)

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