Origins of Peregrine Digital

So my clients have been asking, why ‘Peregrine’, often mis-pronouncing it. Pronounced [per•a•grin]. New brands are such a touchy thing. I mean you put all of this time and thought and meaning into something, but then when someone asks, you say, ‘derrrugh’. So, I want ed to take a minute here and tell the story of how Peregrine Digital came into being.

I was driving to Denver with my family and I saw this beautiful hawk flying over the highway and I thought, ‘Peregrine Media’ sounds cool. So I looked it up the word and the first thing it says is ‘mobile, mobility, pilgrim, stranger’. I thought, hey that makes sense. Falcons were used as one of the first international communication systems. They brought connotations of mobility, power, vision, ‘a hawk eye’s view’. But better yet, it brought this idea of strangeness, being foreign, which for me is a day in the life of the internet for most of my clients. It all snapped into place and as our business grew, we needed a bigger name. A better vision. More speed and accuracy. A better view of the competition. We needed to bring meaning and definition to the strange and intricate world of the internet. We proudly became Peregrine Digital Media.

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