Get down with the Freshness, Google on Caffeine

Last week Google rolled out an update to their algorithm that is designed to enhance real time events in the query. Though it will impact 35% of search queries, that should not be mistaken with “keywords”. However, it proves a point that I have been harping on for years. Google thinks fresh content is important. This is one of the reasons why I encourage business owners to blog.

If you get into a habit of it, it will do more than help your search rankings. It creates a way for your website visitors to interact with your business. If you are excited about your business and you share that excitement, personally, with your visitors and they engage back, you have accomplished a primary goal of your website. Obviously, Social Media strategy plays into this, but your website, your blog, should be the center of that activity.

So you have three options.

1) you can get engaged yourself and manage your web content and social media

2) you can have your already overtasked staff do it on their lunch break

3) (my favorite) Hire a professional person or firm who does this stuff all the time

But sooner or later your website is going to have to “Get down with the Freshness”.


More on the Google update:

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