The Cobbler’s son has no shoes

So the old adage goes. It has often been a topic among my peers that the things we do everyday for other people, we are not very good at doing for ourselves.

I have been tasked with speaking on a panel on the subject of blogging. What makes for a good blog? Why should businesses be blogging? Those types of questions. As I have been in conversations about it, I became grouped in an entertaining sub-group of “bloggers who teach others how to blog, but don’t actually blog themselves”.

While the categorization is partly right. The question then becomes what constitutes a blogger? And what is a blog anyway?

What I am writing right now is a blog in a variety of ways. It is being written in WordPress, a common and practical blogging platform. On this particular website, I only have my blog content as opposed to my other websites, where I have information and sales and marketing materials. And when I write here, I usually contribute via a post, which again is typical blogging behavior.

Now therein lies the real question in this article. How often do you post? In my case, that happens to be less than most.

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